Website Content Marketing and Copywriting

Did you know?

Your website visitors don’t read word for word. Instead, they scan to find what they’re looking for faster. Making your copy and content easy to skim gives them what they want, keeps their attention longer, and is easier for everyone to read.

Bitesize Chunks

We use a variety of formatting techniques that break up the text and draw the reader’s eye down the page. The best ways to make web copy skimmable are to to use some of the following

Use several headings and subheadings
Create bulleted and numbered lists
Format text with bold, italic, underlining, or color
Include images, video, and other media and captions for each
Write single-line paragraphs
Vary sentence and paragraph length

Improve your website reach with website localisation

Reaching and communicating with multilingual customers is vital if a company wants to expand and trade internationally.

We help our clients  communicate their brand message, service and USPs accurately in the mother tongue of the target audience If you aim to expand your business internationally, the WebFX website translation services will help you connect with your target markets in their local language.

A website is one of the primary tools used to market a product as it often serves as the first point of contact with a customer. Therefore it is of paramount importance that your site translation accurately conveys the company image you want to portray.

Nobody thinks in a foreign language, so why ask your customers to?

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