Your website visitors don’t read word for word. Instead, they scan to find what they’re looking for faster.

Making your copy and content easy to skim gives them what they want, keeps their attention longer, and is easier for everyone to read.

Bitesize Chunks

We use a variety of formatting techniques that break up the text and draw the reader’s eye down the page. The best ways to make web copy skimmable are to to use some of the following

  • Use several headings and subheadings
  • Create bulleted and numbered lists
  • Format text with bold, italic, underlining, or color
  • Include images, video, and other media and captions for each
  • Write single-line paragraphs
  • Vary sentence and paragraph length

How WebFX’s copywriting capability can help you

At WebFX, we want to go the extra distance to ensure your new website works as hard as you need it to in getting your message across to new and existing customers.

As well as communicating the factual information about your products and services in the most compelling way possible, we can tell stories that illustrate the personality and character of your business.

We can provide compelling, best-in-class content that gets to the heart of the reasons why clients should choose your business rather than your rivals.

So, when WebFX delivers your new website, it will tell the world about the services you provide and the people who provide it. It will also demonstrate that you understand exactly why customers need you.

But that’s not all. WebFX wants your website to reinforce those messages with a regular, reliable sequence of stories that bring an extra dimension of individuality and excellence to your communications.

We’ll sit down with you and discuss a plan for the next 12 months. Based on that conversation, we’ll devise a schedule of content that will ensure you stay visible and relevant in the market place.

This content, to be sourced and delivered by WebFX, can include:

  • Case studies: This is a wonderful vehicle for driving future business into your arms. By displaying an example of a customer with a particular issue, which you were able to solve in a classy and professional way, you’ll demonstrate to anybody looking for a similar solution that they should call you.
  • Testimonials: First-person voices telling the world how well you catered for their needs are also a compelling way of displaying to the world that you should be the destination of choice for future customers.
  • Blogs: The best way to add character and insight to your website. As well as allowing you to tell stories about how well you do your business, a regular output of content will establish you as an expert in the subject that matters most – your area of business.
  • SEO: We have the expertise to ensure all your content is SEO optimised and works as hard as possible to raise the profile of your business.

A schedule of copy like this requires commitment. We’ve all visited sites with blog pages that haven’t been updated in two years. The good news is that WebFX will take the responsibility of delivering your message off your shoulders.

Get in touch with us today to see how we can add compelling, creative momentum to your marketing.

Next Steps

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