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We have an award-winning development team in house that build innovative, revenue generating websites that helps small and medium sized businesses grow.

Web development Services That Drive Growth

PC, laptop, tablet, notebook, mobile – just some of the devices used in today’s digitally-connected world. Having a responsive website design that is optimised for all platforms, browsers and devices of all sizes is critical, or you risk losing a potential customer.

At WebFX, we like to push the limits of website design and technology by building innovative and creative web technology, helping you communicate with your audience more meaningfully. Handling dedicated solutions with a custom back-end or platforms such as WordPress, we also provide hosting, with security and speed of utmost importance.

Website development at work

Software projects rarely end the way they were originally planned. In complex projects requirements can change during the development process – this is almost always the case. Development methods must therefore be flexible enough to allow changes during the development process. Our website development projects in London, UK and Melbourne, Australia are developed using agile methods, which means we accept from the outset that the requirements will evolve during the development phase.

The use of agile methods is a core element of web development at WebFX. Since 2007 we almost exclusively use agile methods for web development and can refer to hundreds of successful projects for renowned international customers, in which Scrum and Kanban were utilised. Beyond that, we are active in the web development community and hold regular user groups and information workshops about the topic of website design and development.

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Awesome experience. We instructed WebFX to build the next generation website for East West. The build process was smooth and the new managed WordPress platform also empowers East West to scale—traffic to the site. Visitor numbers have doubled in the past few months and we have welcomed more than 500k visitors since its launch.